Just a Wafer Thin Mint, Monsieur

Stuff I wrote:

  1. ClojureScript-on-Node.js port of Stuart Sierra's excellent component dependency-injection/resolution library
  2. Javascript implementation of Cocoa's Key-Value Coding
  3. Perl implementation of Cocoa's Key-Value Coding
  4. GeoDNA.org - generate alphabetic geocodes for latitude and longitude pairs (Ruby, Perl & Javascript libraries, docs, demos)
  5. ObjectivePerl - adds Objective-C syntax to regular Perl. Can be freely mixed with Perl.
  6. Perl client lib for https://onetimesecret.com (available on CPAN here)
  7. Womble - Objective-J web framework & ORM
  8. IF Framework - Perl web framework & ORM based on WebObjects/EOF

Sites I made:

I don't have a ton of time to maintain these mostly silly distractions! Some of them might not be working... if not, please let me know.

  1. Lessons in i18n
  2. RSS Galactifier (Requires a pretty new browser, YMMV)
  3. Is this game worth watching?
  4. the random album cover art generator FIXED!
  5. The Nemesis Engine - Who is whose nemesis in the world?

Articles I wrote:

  1. ObjectivePerl: Objective-C-Style Syntax And Runtime for Perl - First appeared in print in The Perl Journal, now available online as part of Dr. Dobb's Journal
  2. Examining Objective-C - Introduction to Objective-C for C and C++ Programmers, published by Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Stuff I helped write:

  1. Caribou - Clojure web ecosystem for extremely rapid site-construction
  2. The Humdrum Toolkit - The primary software toolkit for musical analysis.

Contact me : meshofflecom