Just a Wafer Thin Mint, Monsieur

Stuff I wrote:

  1. ClojureScript-on-Node.js port of Stuart Sierra's excellent component dependency-injection/resolution library
  2. node-cljs-template - Leiningen template to help bootstrap a ClojureScript-on-Node project.
  3. ecosystem - Node.js module lifecycle and dependency injection
  4. toddler - Node.js DSL for specifying database queries and representing them in a platform-independent, immutable way
  5. porcupine - a Clojure/Ring asset pipeline to simplify inclusion of static assets in a page - part of Caribou
  6. Javascript implementation of Cocoa's Key-Value Coding
  7. GeoDNA.org - generate alphabetic geocodes for latitude and longitude pairs, useful for performing proximity searching using only a text-based search (Ruby, Perl & Javascript libraries, docs, demos)

Stuff I helped write:

  1. Caribou - Clojure web ecosystem for extremely rapid site-construction
  2. dogdog - a Clojure IRC bot that plays numerous silly diversions, generates (and tweets) three word poetry, and more.
  3. The Humdrum Toolkit - The primary software toolkit for musical analysis.

In another life, I wrote:

  1. Perl implementation of Cocoa's Key-Value Coding
  2. ObjectivePerl - adds Objective-C syntax to regular Perl. Can be freely mixed with Perl.
  3. Perl client lib for https://onetimesecret.com (available on CPAN here)
  4. Womble - Objective-J web framework & ORM
  5. IF Framework - Perl web framework & ORM based on WebObjects/EOF

Sites I made:

I don't have a ton of time to maintain these mostly silly distractions! Some of them might not be working... if not, please let me know.

  1. Lessons in i18n
  2. Galactifier Create Star Wars-style scrolling text, with muscial accompaniment. Here's this page. (Requires a pretty new browser, YMMV)
  3. the random album cover art generator FIXED!
  4. The Nemesis Engine - Who is whose nemesis in the world?

Articles I wrote, a long time ago:

  1. ObjectivePerl: Objective-C-Style Syntax And Runtime for Perl - First appeared in print in The Perl Journal, now available online as part of Dr. Dobb's Journal
  2. Examining Objective-C - Introduction to Objective-C for C and C++ Programmers, published by Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Contact me : kylekyledawkinscom